The company EKSTRA BLIC OR was founded in 2003.

We offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of cleaning, from general premises to specific surfaces such as carpets, upholstered furniture or even high-tech equipment. Whether it is an office space that requires regular maintenance or a household that requires thorough cleaning after special events, we are here to provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Our team of professionals is dedicated not only to fast and efficient work, but also to a careful and sensitive approach to every space and object they clean. Every surface is treated with the utmost care and only environmentally friendly products are used to ensure a healthy environment for our clients and their associates or families.

Through our commitment to quality, reliability and customization, we want to become a partner that makes our customers' daily lives easier, providing them with a space where they can feel comfortable and productive. EXTRA BLIC OR is more than a cleaning service - it is a way of life that strives for harmony between functionality, aesthetics and well-being.


Pehlivanuša 38, Sarajevo, BIH

Email: ekstrablic@gmail.com


+ 387 61 542 544

+ 387 62 107 177

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